A new Gallup poll showed that Pope Francis’ favorability rating among Americans has dropped to 59%, from 76% in February 2014. The apparent disenchantment follows an escalation in recent months in the Pope’s rhetoric against global capitalism. The Pope’s call to action on climate change has also proven awkward for Republican politicians who still question the science behind global warming.

It’s kind of interesting that they want a pope who goes along to get along.

I love this guy. I think Pope Francis is the best pope we’ve had in my lifetime, without a doubt. He tells the truth. When you tell the truth in the United States, you aren’t looked upon very well. We would rather be lied to.

American people today want bullshit, not truth. They tell you they want the truth, and then when they hear it they dislike the person who gives it to them. It’s "kill the messenger, not the message."  That’s how we live today.

It doesn’t surprise me. The United States doesn’t want the treaty with Iran. They’d rather go to war with them!  So American people, enjoy what you get. You’ve got the best pope you’ve ever had in the world, and you don’t like him because he doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. He tells you the truth.  As Johnny Lang said to the American public, “lie to me, baby, lie to me.”

-Jesse Ventura

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