North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has sent troops to the South Korean border and declared a 'semi-state of war.' This comes one day after the two countries reportedly exchanged artillery fire over South Korean propaganda. 

The conflict reportedly escalated Thursday when Kim Jong Un demanded that South Korea stop its activities of blasting anti-Pyongyang messages through loud speakers it had aimed at North Korea. 

When the South didn't comply, the Northern military reportedly fired at the speakers, violating a ceasefire agreement previously made between the two nations. The South fired back in response and then the dictator issued a strict warning: turn off the speakers by Saturday evening or face further military action. 

South Korea has sent North Korea similar anti-Pyongyang messages in the past. For example, the LA Times states that just last Friday, South Korean activists sent balloons carrying propaganda leaflets flying into North Korea. 

North Korean ambassador to China, Ji Jae Ryong, told journalists in Beijing, 

"The situation of the country is now inching closer to the brink of war."

However, according to CNN,

"That doesn't necessarily mean war really is imminent: North Korea has used similar language in the past without hostilities breaking out. But South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo said Friday that North Korea was pushing the tensions to the utmost level."

The United States, which had been working with South Korea on an annual military exercise, has halted routine activities. North Korea has a two-to-one advantage over South Korea in terms of soldiers and artillery pieces so US troops are reportedly monitoring the situation. It isn't clear at this time whether the United States will get involved if a full on war breaks out in the region. 

Do you guys think the US will get involved? Why or why not? Sound off below. 

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