Donald Trump's immigration plan can be summed up like this: build a wall by "making" Mexico pay for it, militarize the border by tripling the number of border patrol officers, kick out all illegal immigrants and end birthright citizenship.

That policy turns us into East Berlin. I would simply ask this question: is it going to be like Area 51?

Because when I went and visited Area 51, they had clear signs posted that if you cross this line lethal force can be use. I find that astounding.

You could be killed for trespassing. Is that what it’ll be at our border?

Those signs going up in Spanish and English to explain to anyone that if you cross this border lethal force can be used. In other words: we could kill you and not think twice about it.  All you good, American people out there that seem to want this to happen, remember this: walls are also used in prisons to keep you in.  And I know you’re probably going to say: "who would ever want to leave the USA?"  Well you might if we ever fall under martial law, might you not?

Always remember walls work both ways. They keep people out but they also keep people in.

-Jesse Ventura

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