A Mexican-owned Mexican restaurant dropped a racial slur on a Mexican customer. Yes, you did read that headline correctly.And no, the name of the restaurant was not Trumplebee’s.

It was actually a little spot called El Valle Mexican Restaurant in Denver, Colorado - and after further investigation - it seems that the slur, “you f***ing Mexicans,” wasn’t directed at the customer at all. It was just a joke that the waitress typed to the cooks via the restaurant's computer ordering system and wound up on a receipt in the hands of the customer by mistake.

Now I know some of you might be saying, “well, I don’t think that’s very funny.”  Or maybe you’re saying, “well what’s so funny about calling your co-workers ‘f***ing Mexicans?’”

I also assume that those of you who are saying these things have never worked in restaurant before. As a fifteen-year veteran of the restaurant industry, let me let you in on some insider secrets…

  1. Restaurant employees have sick, twisted, politically-incorrect senses of humor.
  2. Lots of restaurant employees are Mexicans.
  3. Restaurant employees of all races, ages, sexes, classes and creeds give each other shit all the time because joking around and giving each other shit is how we bond and let each other know that we care about each other.

Yes, it is very unfortunate that the customer received the receipt on accident. And it’s very unfortunate that the server who made the mistake lost her job. She does have the right to be offended, and she does have the right to be upset. (Although I can say that restaurant apologized, issued a refund, and again, fired the employee who made the mistake)

But the part of the story that really bothers me is that the restaurant is now receiving threatening phone calls that have gotten so bad, the owner has had to contact the police.

Really?  I mean… really?

This is a Mexican-owned Mexican restaurant staffed by Mexican employees, frequented by Mexican customers. Do you really think that this is a “racist” restaurant?


What we have here is another classic example of “political correctness” and “social media mob mentality” and “getting super angry about something that doesn’t even concern me” behavior - and in my opinion - it’s same type of misguided anger that leads to many other unnecessary problems in our society.

So, in summary, if you are calling this restaurant and making threats, or you are doing something similar to someone else because they pushed your “politically-correct buttons” doing something that didn’t concern you whatsoever - just knock that shit off, okay?

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