Jesse Ventura remembers 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper.

I can’t exactly tell you the first time I met Roddy Piper. It was years ago in the wrestling business. What I can tell you is that Roddy was a tremendous performer. He knew the wrestling business inside and out. He was one of the greats of all time. Roddy was always a complete asset to the pro-wrestling world. He loved the business and everything about it. There was no other job on the planet that Roddy Piper could have been better for.

"Wherever he is, I’m sure he’s smiling at Ronda Rousey right now."

I’ve felt the loss this whole week. I’ve got a bit of heartache, and Roddy is three years younger than me. He had a lot more to give the world to be taken from us at age 61. Wherever he is, I’m sure he’s smiling at Ronda Rousey right now.

I have a lot of great memories with Roddy. He and I ended up in a pilot called Tag Team. It was about two wrestlers who get kicked out of wrestling and end up cops. It was a great premise and was actually thought up by a four- or five-year-old kid. It never got off the ground but we had a great time together shooting it.

"He’s a legend and he always will be."

I’ll remember Roddy as a guy who was willing to take a chance and put himself out there. When you took the handcuffs off Roddy, believe me, the handcuffs came off. We’re of the same vein: tell it like it is and stand up for yourself. People will come to see him as a cornerstone of the world of professional wrestling. He’s a legend and he always will be.

Rest in peace, Roddy.

-Jesse Ventura

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