The Daily Beast has exclusively learned over 50 analysts have filed a formal complaint stating reports have been altered to show war on ISIS is more successful than it actually is.

Over 50 intelligence analysts have made serious claims against U.S. senior intelligence officials.

The Daily Beast has learned the U.S. Central Command analysts have made formal complaints, stating that their reports have been altered to show the war on ISIS is more successful than it actually is.

Analysts claim senior officials are editing and leaving key pieces out in order to stay in line with The Obama Administration that ISIS is weaker than analysts believe, and U.S. is winning the battle.

After months of ignored internal complaints, the inspector general has now opened the investigation to locate any manipulation of intelligence reports, some of which have gone directly to President Obama.

In May, the president said in an interview, "I don't think we're losing," agreeing with Secretary of State John Kerry who believes the U.S. can defeat ISIS in the war.

Former CIA Operator Michael Morell under Obama told CBS News how serious the allegations are and said, "somebody needs to lose their job over this."

According to The Daily Beast, analysts are in full "revolt." Work environments at Central Command is reportedly so bad, it has been described as "Stalinist." One source reports analysts were urged to retire, and some agreed to leave.

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