Jesse Ventura reflects on 9/11, how he will continue to question the stories we are fed and search for the truth.

I have taken a lot of grief over 9/11 because I have questioned it. There are a lot of unanswered questions and it’s not wrong to question it something.

I have - and I have many - is why was Osama bin Laden never indicted? Osama bin Laden is not part of the military. He goes under civil law, so he should have been indicted. The government has never come forward with one shred of evidence legally in a court of law that says he did it. They just told us he did it. Then off we went on this folly that is now the mess in the Middle East.

If what they told us is true, they should not have to redact anything on discovery. I'm vindicated the moment those pages redacted become public. I also want to know why this isn't a question asked of the presidential candidates? What will you do about the 24 of these redacted pages from the 9/11 reports if elected? Will you make them public? I think the public deserves to know that because of what 9/11 has done to the world and us since it happened.

I have faith in our country because I'm seeing what Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are doing and it is a revolution happening without gunfire. Will it succeed? I don't know, but it is healthy and it is good. The two parties gangs are now bleeding internally and that is good.

-Jesse Ventura

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