The national conservative group Club for Growth announced a $1 million ad campaign attacking Donald Trump, marking the most direct and well-funded attempt from within the Republican Party yet to take down its presidential front-runner.

This is wonderful in its own way. I’ve never seen a party attack one of its own! It’s kind of interesting to watch. The Republican establishment is so anti-Trump that they don’t know what to do with him. Now they have to take him on.

This is just a preview of the things they will do to the Democratic candidate when it gets down to the regular election. But Donald Trump has forced them to start early with him. I may not agree with the Donald on a lot of his thoughts and positions, but I love what he’s doing to the Republican Party. Just like I love what Bernie sanders is doing to the Democrats.

The two party dictatorships need to be destroyed and the best way to do it is from within.

-Jesse Ventura

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