Jeff Smisek stepped down as United Airlines’ chief executive last week amid a federal corruption probe. Bloomberg estimates he will walk away with $28.6 million, more than double his pay last year, which reached $12.8 million.

Here's evidence that crime pays! It’s outrageous. This is the core of what is wrong with the United States of America today. It’s your classic example of a violation of what we should have which is a maximum wage. This guy is getting more money than he deserves, and more perks. He gets to park for free? 

After I was governor of Minnesota and the day that I got out I received no retirement, no severance pay, I lost all my protection, and I became a regular citizen again. There was nothing wrong with that. I chose to do it. But look at what this guy gets for an umbrella and I got nothing. I jumped out the window and I got a closed umbrella to hang on to, it's atrocious. 

He is leaving because of corruption, and this is how we reward them. And people think there isn’t something wrong with this country. He is your prime example of what is wrong, profiting from wrongdoing.

-Jesse Ventura

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