Hillary may never shake Emailgate. At least not until after the election.

A vigilant citizen over on Reddit (u/flantabulous) noticed that at 510 days and counting, the investigation into Benghazi has lasted longer than the investigations into the tragedies of 9/11, the JFK assassination, and Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Even Watergate lasted only 406 days!

Here are the statistics from his findings…

  • Pearl Harbor - The Roberts Commission - 285 days
    8 battleships damaged, 4 sunk. 188 aircraft destroyed, 2,403 dead, 1,178 wounded.

  • 9/11 Commission - 478 days
    World Trade Center destroyed. Pentagon damaged. 4 airliners destroyed. 2,977 dead.

  • Warren Commission - 300 days
    Assassination of President Kennedy.

  • Benghazi Committee - 510 days (continuing)
    1 Ambassador, 1 State Dept employee, 2 CIA contractors killed in an attack in Libya.

Hillary Clinton has been cleared of crimes in seven different investigations:

ALL concluded that neither Clinton, nor Obama were personally responsible, criminally negligible, or committed any wrongdoing.

But that won’t stop Fox News from reporting about it ad nauseam, like they’re going to find something at the back of Al Capone’s vault this time when they open it…

Just look: this was posted 18 hours ago, and I know that it’s going to lead to absolutely nothing again.

Don’t count this as some glowing endorsement of Hillary, she has plenty of other strikes against her (*cough cough* let’s invade Iraq *cough cough*), but can we drop the bullshit about Benghazi already? That dead horse has been thoroughly beaten.

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