Carly Fiorina claims that the CIA did the right thing in waterboarding terrorism suspects after 9/11 stating that, “there was no other way to get information” from those suspects. She also rejected a 2014 Senate report that found that these torture methods never prevented a single terrorist attack.

Fiorina is full of shit. Can I be anymore blunt? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’ve been waterboarded. I know what it is and I’ve looked at the facts. Why do you think we don’t let police departments torture? Because it’s already been proven that when you torture someone, all the information you get is completely unreliable. A person being tortured will say whatever it is they need to say to make the torture stop.

Where is the media on this? How is the media not raking her over the coals for admitting that she is willing to commit war crimes? She should be immediately disqualified as a presidential candidate along with Jeb Bush. They are two people who advocate for war crimes. Fiorina was never in the military so she doesn’t know what the fuck a war crime is. Torture is a war crime and she’s advocating for it.

-Jesse Ventura

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