Unemployment as of July 2015 is at 5.3% which is the lowest since the April 2008. While Bernie stands strong in support in raising the minimum wage, many are still concerned that raising the federal wage will increase the unemployement rate.

Raising the minimum wage is not going to destroy the economy. Jobs are not going to be eliminated because you raised the minimum wage a bit. Those jobs are still going to need to be done regardless. 

I’ve always stated that if you work 40 hours a week, you should earn enough money to where you do not have to be subsidized in any way shape or form by the government. Tell that to Walmart for a minute. 

Tell Walmart that everybody that works there should not have to get food stamps and be subsidized by the government while they work a 40-hour week there. They should get paid enough to where we the taxpayers don’t have to subsidize a company where the owners make billions every year.

Bernie Sanders is hitting a nerve that they don’t want talked about. That’s why mainstream media ignores him.

-Jesse Ventura

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