The Satanic Temple is formally petitioning the Arkansas Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission for permission to place a monument next to the a planned Ten Commandments monument.

The Satanic Temple wants to place a "Baphomet" monument next to a Ten Commandments monument at the Arkansas Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission -- the latter of which was already approved by state legislature.

An image of Baphomet. Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons.  

The Temple released a statement to the Arkansas Times:

The Satanic Temple (TST) formally requested permission to place their controversial “Baphomet” monument alongside a 10 Commandments monument at the Capitol in Little Rock. The request comes in reply to the approval of AR Senate Bill 939 which has allowed for a privately donated 10 Commandments monument to be placed at the Capitol. The bill hopes to preemptively head-off an Establishment Clause dispute by asserting the secular nature of the 10 Commandments, stating that the monument represents “an important component of the moral foundation of the laws and legal system of the United States of America and the State of Arkansas.”

The Satamic Temple argues "that if the State has opened the public grounds to private donations, they cannot engage in viewpoint discrimination and must reasonably allow for other donations of a similar nature." 

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