Andy Parker becomes an advocate for gun control after his daughter Alison Parker was shot and killed on live television reporting for WDBJ. He plans on speaking to lawmakers and announcing his push for legislation at DC’s gun control rally September 10th.

The father of the slain Virginia TV reporter continues his fight for gun control.

Alison Parker’s father, Andy Parker, will join a gun control rally in Washington D.C. on September 10th, on behalf of his daughter who was shot and killed on live television on August 26th while she was conducting an interview for WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia.

Parker recently withdrew his candidacy for a seat on the Henry County Board of Supervisors to focus on gun control. He told reporters,

“I lost my daughter, and I’m not going to lose this fight.”

This news follows an op-ed Parker wrote in the Washington Post on August 30th. Parker highlighted examples of gun violence in the case of Sandy Hook and South Carolina Church, urging readers to stand together and push gun legislation. He also calls out representatives for not addressing the issue aggressively - specifically Virginia State Senator John S. Edwards and William M. Stanley. He ends the column with,

“Whatever it takes.”

Now #WhateverItTakes is the national message Parker will address at the rally in D.C. on September 10th. He joins Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Everytown Survivor Network to demand legislation to reduce gun violence and encourages people to come together and join the force.

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