Democratic "socialist" and 2016 president candidate Bernie Sanders is beating his rival, Hillary Clinton,  in a new poll regarding the crucial voting state o fNew Hampshire.

Bernie Sanders may be leading in New Hampshire, but they continue to say that Hillary Clinton’s leading nationally by a wide margin.  I relate more to Bernie.  Bernie was down in Alabama earlier this week and drew 7,000 people.  Hillary Clinton was in Iowa and drew 300.

That speaks volumes to me, more so than the polls do: the number of people showing up for their live appearances.

It takes me back to when I ran for Governor of Minnesota.  I was low in the polls, but yet every event I would go to was packed with people.  My belief is if people show up to see you, they’re going to vote for you.

That’s just my personal opinion: if people show up to see you they’re going to vote for you.  What do you think, vigilant viewers?  Sound off below.

-Jesse Ventura


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