Critics of Hillary Clinton, including her Democratic opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders, say she is too close to Wall Street and wouldn't do enough to keep the banks in check.

Hillary Clinton has ties to Wall Street.  This is relevant, and Bernie Sanders is right on to point out these ties.

Look at how CNN treats Hillary Clinton: I now call it the “Clinton News Network.”  Why? Because CNN’s parent company is the seventh largest contributor of her political career.

It’s a major conflict of interest when the media contributes to campaigns.  They should not be allowed to do that.  Parent corporations of news organizations should not be allowed to contribute to political candidates.

But this falls under Citizens United and the Supreme Court decision which is now destroying our country. Hillary Clinton is trying to play herself up as one of the people, and yet she’s financed by Wall Street. I’m angry at more liberal-leaning personalities, such as Thom Hartmann and Bill Maher, who basically state -- and I’m paraphrasing here -- that they support Bernie Sanders but if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, they will support her.  They claim there’s still a big difference between the Democrats and Republicans.  There’s not.  The Democrats at Clinton’s level are still payed off by the same corporations that are paying off the Republicans.  That’s where the politicians’ loyalty is going to be.

-Jesse Ventura


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