Political pundits are after Bernie Sanders because of his new healthcare proposal.

Political pundits are after Bernie Sanders because of his healthcare proposal.  They’re asking how he would pay it.  I wish Senator Sanders would simply respond: “Get out of these wars abroad and you’ll have more than enough money to pay for healthcare ten times over.  We won’t be spending anymore money in the Middle East.”

If I ran, that would be my platform. 

We’ve spent nearly $2 trillion on the wars abroad.  It’s time we get us out of these wars and rebuild the United States.  Let’s spend our money internally instead of externally.

Think about it: how much healthcare can you get for $2 trillion?  Notice none of the candidates are talking about the price-tag of the wars abroad.

Sanders should be hammering home the fact that Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War. If Hillary wins, it’s not going to change a thing.

-Jesse Ventura


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