Noam Chomsky, the libertarian socialist and renowned author, said in an interview with the Huffington Post that the Republican Party has become so extreme in its rhetoric and policies that it poses a “serious danger to human survival.” Chomsky also addressed the climate change deniers within the GOP: "What they are saying is, 'let's destroy the world.'  Is that worth voting against?  Yeah."

I don’t disagree with Noam Chomsky in certain aspects.

When it comes to climate change, for example, he’s absolutely correct.  You have Republicans out there telling me - and the American people - that we shouldn’t bother with climate change because God controls it.

I would go on to state, and I’ve said this before and believe it wholeheartedly, I don’t believe men and religion can coexist in the end.  Most religions teach armageddon. If you believe in teaching armageddon, it’s inevitably going to happen because you’re not willing to prevent it. Trust me, if armageddon happens, it won’t be by God coming back to Earth and fighting evil, it will be us committing armageddon on ourselves, with the God-fearing folk sitting back, saying “See, we told you so.”

When we start nuking each other with bombs, is God responsible?  No.  If we destroy our planet because of all the pollutants we release into our atmosphere, do we then attribute that to God?  No.  We’re doing it to ourselves.

Religion, for the most part, will attribute it to God.  Any issue God-fearing folk don’t want to claim as their own will be attributed to God.

I firmly believe that.  

-Jesse Ventura


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