It's another edition of Ask Jesse where the Governor sounds off on a variety of topics, including Snowden, the economy, and whether the U.S. is really a democracy anymore. 

Maurice Bassanello from Calif. asks: "Why can't Ed Snowden get the same deal Gen. Petraeus got.  They both committed the same 'crime.' "

I agree wholeheartedly they should be treated the same, but they certainly haven’t been.  But one of them is in the system, but one of them is not.  There’s your answer.  We do not have a fair justice system.  It all depends where you lie politically, though it should not be that way.

-Jesse Ventura


Brian Prost from Calif. asks: "Hey Jesse love your views!!  Do you think a resource based economy is possible?"

It could be but I feel the first step would be to eliminate the income tax and go to a national sales tax.  I believe that would bring us closer to a resource-based economy.  Yet to change our entire economy, that’s been built up for hundreds of years, would be very difficult over just a couple of years.

-Jesse Ventura


Laura Gabriel from Flo. asks: "Is the U.S. a democracy any longer?  Do the "invisible powers" have complete control of the U.S. government?  Does citizen voting matter?"

Absolutely.  Look at your current election.  You’re not electing them.  It’s an elite system of delegates.  If Bernie Sanders gets the most votes, it doesn’t mean he’s going to get the Democratic nomination.  You have a small minority of delegates that should represent the masses, but they don’t necessarily have to go the way of the people.  They will do what they want.Bear in mind the Democrats and Republicans chose your president.  The people don’t.  

-Jesse Ventura


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