Why must presidential candidates always invoke the word of God?  Will we ever be able to see beyond religious lines in politics?  The Governor sounds off.  

Candidates must invoke God as a way to ensure the Americans who identify as religious that they think along the same lines as they do.

I don’t believe an atheist can get elected, not easily.  You can have the same values as anybody else, but if you don’t believe in that higher being, it’s going to be a long road ahead for you.  This is why politicians invoke the word of God, simply because they want to win.

Politicians want people to believe they live righteously, as religion is the most powerful tool in this country.  It does seem to be changing little by little.  Millennials aren’t buying in.  We seem to be heading in a direction that I agree with.

Still, religion takes precedent in politics.  Look at the trouble I got in when I became Governor of Minnesota. I did an interview with Playboy and simply said organized religion was a crutch for weak-minded people.  What I meant by that was, if you truly have spiritual strength, you don’t need anyone else to reinforce your beliefs.  This was the context in which I said it.  Of course, the media took it and ran with it.

But I never backed down from it, and I never will.

-Jesse Ventura


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