The online world has discovered that the National Cancer Institute quietly updated their FAQ page with statements certifying that studies have shown that cannabis can kill cancer cells.  So why is no one talking about this?

This is wonderful.  They’re finally breaking the wall down.

Yet this isn’t being covered by Big Media.  The people who don’t want this known are still more powerful.  That’s why it’s up to us to talk about it.

And it’s up to us to contact the media and demand why they aren’t covering it.  You can bet it’s being talked about online, where you can find real news today.  That’s how I found out about it.

I think it’s great that the National Cancer Institute finally claimed, in its own subtle way, that cannabis can kill cancer cells.  They still left it with a disclaimer stating that more testing needs to be done.

Well, I’m sure there does, but can we get off the wagon now?

-Jesse Ventura 


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