Word to the wise: we are the government's boss, and as the government's boss, we have a right know about what our employee is doing.

Johnathon Willoughby asks: If the executive, judicial, and the legislative branches have us under watch, why can't we have access to their personal & business emails?

They fall under national security.  Simple.  That’s why you can’t see anything.  What do you think, you get equal rights?  After all, you’re the government's boss. Why should you be able to know about the employee?  As the boss, don’t you have a right to know about what the employees do?  With our government though, that’s not the case.

-Jesse Ventura

Kent Duran wants to know: Is the entire political process rigged, with the outcome already in place?

I don’t know.  Is it called rigging that the money now comes from corporations?  I don’t think "rigging" is the right word - I think "bribery" is the right word.  They’re controlled by corporate money, the candidates are bribed, and the candidates will go out for bribes.  Only two candidates out there not bribed - Sanders and Trump.  Sanders doesn’t take special interest money only donations from regular people.  Trump allegedly is spending his own money.  On the other hand, if you accept corporate or Pac money, and that exceed $100,000, then that may get you in the door.  And that’s what we need to go back to.  But good luck.  They’re not going to put a tourniquet around their own neck.  

-Jesse Ventura

Kim Schulze asks: Who's going to be our next president?

I have no idea.  That’s up to you.  That’s up to the people of the United States.  I’ll be one vote, there’s a lot of people who will tie with me.  I can’t tell you, only the American people can tell you that. And that’s based on what influences them to make that decision: is it mainstream media?  What’s most important to you? 

-Jesse Ventura


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