When confronted with how the Bush Administration dealt with Iran, Cheney blames Obama claiming that it happened "Under Obama's watch, not under our watch."

Dick Cheney is a damn liar. You know there's no other way to put it. This guy wants to rewrite history. How anyone could give this guy (who got five deferments from military service) any credibility is ridiculous. 

Dick Cheney is not a tough guy: he is the worst of cowards. If you believe in the war, you lead from the front not the rear. Dick Cheney had his opportunity during Vietnam, and he ran and hid.

I can't stand this guy. George Bush and Dick Cheney were the worst administration in the United States history. They ruined the economy, they got us into two wars and they left it in a complete mess that Barack Obama inherited.

Dick Cheney is a coward. Straight from Jesse Ventura.

-Jesse Ventura


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