President Obama presented a plan to congress on Tuesday to accomplish the goal of closing Guantanamo Bay, which was a key part of his platform in 2008.

How is Obama’s proposal going to solve it?  The Republicans will vote it down. They’re obstructionists.  If Obama says “white,” they say “black.”If Obama says “black,” they say “white.  Why do you think the people are so frustrated with the GOP?

As a politician, I probably side with the executive branch a little more.  Having come from the executive branch of government, you always would like more power.  Most in the executive branch probably would also like to deal less with legislature than they already have to.

The greatest government you can possibly have is that of a benevolent dictator.  But you need to know that the dictator is benevolent before granting him or her that power.  I say that tongue-in-cheek: it’s a joke, people.  But if you think about it, in that context, you could get a lot done for the good of society, and for the betterment of the American people.  The biggest problem though is power corrupts.  In today’s day and age, your dictators would be benevolent to corporations.

Finally, what would become of the 91 remaining Guantanamo prisoners?  Will they ever stand trial? I understand they would place them in other facilities within the United States. But they’ve been held for 15 years in Guantanamo Bay, without officially being charged.  They haven’t faced trial.Who is left in Gitmo?  Why are they still being held there in the first place? The only Gitmo prisoner that has been notably covered by big media is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who they claim confessed following his torture.  Well I guarantee you anyone would be confessing following the torture they put him through.

What justice has been done here at Guantanamo Bay?  These people have been detained, imprisoned and tortured, without officially facing charges or seeing a day in court.

I find it astounding that the United States of America chooses to behave in this manner.

-Jesse Ventura


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