The Governor sounds off on the Democratic primaries.  Following Iowa, where Hillary Clinton declared victory by a very slim margin, will Bernie Sanders declare a landslide victory in New Hampshire?  It's certainly looking that way.

I find it laughable that Hillary Clinton declared victory.  Considering where Bernie was when where her first started in this race, Bernie Sanders collected nearly 85% of the youth vote. It’s refreshing to hear that this is the direction our country is going in.

Hillary Clinton may be swaying the older voters, but Bernie Sanders’ has got the younger vote.

It’s interesting to see that young people don’t seem to have a problem with his agenda. I hate that the media keeps labeling him a “socialist” though. I don’t mind it, but if I were Bernie’s campaign manager, I would be highlighting that he’s similar to FDR. FDR was fighting the same fight during the Great Depression that Bernie’s fighting now.

But Bernie’s fight is with Wall Street. It’s curtailing and controlling Wall Street in order to loosen the stranglehold it has over our government, and, more importantly, the people of the United States.  If Wall Street continues to control us, there will only be two classes left: the rich and the poor -- and trust me, there’ll be more poor than rich. If Wall Street wins, that’s what this country will look like. 

That’s Bernie’s fight. And he’s done phenomenal so far.  Hopefully New Hampshire should give Bernie Sanders the momentum he needs to take him to the end.  

-Jesse Ventura


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