Bernie Sanders certainly has an opinion regarding Clinton’s ties to Wall Street.  In a recent CNN interview, Sanders stated, “most progressives that I know really do not raise millions of dollars from Wall Street."  The Governor seconds that notion.

Hillary Clinton is nothing more than the corporate Democrat.

That’s the status quo that’s been running the country for the last 100 years or more.  She’s just a part of the system.  If Bernie Sanders doesn’t make it to the finish line, those who think we’re better off with Hillary Clinton than the Republican nominee are wrong. 

Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war.  Therefore, I can never support her.  She felt, at the time, it was a good idea.  Either that, or she didn’t stand up against it because she didn’t want to sacrifice herself politically-speaking.  If you voted for the Iraq war, it was for one of two reasons: you either supported it or you were afraid to go against the political trends to save your ass.

I don’t want politicians in elected positions if they place their professional well being above that of the American people.

-Jesse Ventura 


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