According to the Guardian, U.S. vet Raymond Schwab, who served in the Gulf War, moved from Kansas to Colorado in order to treat his PTSD with medical marijuana.  And yet, he still had his children taken away from him by the state of Kansas.

I hope Schwab has a good lawyer, because I don’t see how the state of Kansas has the ability to do that.  Especially if he needs it for medical reasons.

Not too long ago, Kansas lawmakers took the state of Colorado to court for legalizing marijuana. This seems like it’s a backlash against losing their lawsuit. Kansas sued simply because many from the state were crossing the state borders to buy weed in Colorado. 

Now Kansas lawmakers simply want to scare the crap out of any locals who believe legalization is a good idea. They are just trying to make an example of this veteran.  

-Jesse Ventura


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