A study published in the Wall Street Journal concluded that middle-wage occupations are collapsing.  What does this mean for our struggling middle class?  The Governor sounds off.

By: Jesse Ventura

This doesn’t surprise me in the least. 

Fascism is taking control of this country.   There’s strictly the rich and the poor now. 

Once the unions go, so does the middle class.  We are now down to only about 11% of people working within a union today.   If that percentage were to grow to, say, 50%, then you’ll have a middle class again.   When you only have 11% of your workforce protected by a union, the middle class will disappear with it.  When they tell you that 30 years ago, a CEO made 30-times what the worker made and today it’s 300-times as much?   Come on.

The loss of our middle class shouldn’t surprise anyone. 

This alone should be getting people to vote for Bernie Sanders.  


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