Hillary Clinton says that she doesn't take money from Wall Street, but just helped them rebuild after 9/11 because it was "good for the economy."

All you have to do is see who the donors are for that candidate and that will tell you where their allegiance lies.

Hillary is a Democrat. She gets a great deal of her money from special interest, PACs and corporate America. Candidates like her are going to have loyalty to whoever pays their bills and helps get them elected. It’s truly that simple. So just simply look at where the candidate gets their money and that will give you all the answers you need to know.

In Hillary’s case, the classic example is when she won the first debate. CNN declared her the big winner. Yet, on the opposite side of the Internet you had Bernie Sanders winning by 81%. Now how could the two be so different? It’s because when you check into Hillary’s campaign finances you’ll find out that Time Warner (which is the parent corporation of CNN) is the 8th largest contributor to her presidential campaign. That tells you right there how they determined Hillary “the winner.”

The whole thing is fixed. Follow the money and it will give you the answer. The simple truth is in the money.

-Jesse Ventura




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