"After meeting briefly with Senator Sanders this week, I’ve determined that he is not an Independent, he’s a Democrat," says the Governor.  "He may have won as an Independent in Vermont, but he is now a Democrat all the way."

Bernie Sanders told me he would support the Democratic party nominee no matter what.  Which means he will abide by their rules and he’s showing allegiance to the gang/political party.  His allegiance is no longer to this so-called “political revolution.”

I think this speaks volumes.

His loyalty is now to the Democratic party.  It stands to reason that if Hillary Clinton takes Bernie as her running mate, they are hoping to take his voters as well.

This way, they’ll beat the Republicans.

But as VP, he’ll have no power.  Hillary Clinton is bought and sold by Wall Street.  We will continue the for-profit wars abroad, which Hillary is not opposed to.  The regime changes will continue; our foreign policy will continue along the same lines.  The wars will continue to drain us of any money that we have, and we will suffer for it.

Most of the issues Bernie wants to tackle Hillary has already stated can’t be done: you’re not going to get healthcare for everybody and you’re not going to get free college education.

The revolution will come to an end if Bernie Sanders loses to Clinton.  He will now jump on board the Democratic party’s bandwagon and become part of the norm.

I simply feel bad for all these young voters who really thought there was hope. If he’s not willing to continue the fight beyond his election, then it’s about him and nothing else.

-Jesse Ventura


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