According to the Star Tribune, a local Minnesota archdiocese in New Ulm has released the names of 16 priests accused of abusing children, as the deadline for a lawsuit nears.  The newspaper reports that over 100 Minnesota priests have been identified as credibly accused of sex abuse. And yet, the victims' advocates say this list isn't complete.  So far, 2,572 priests have been sentenced to a lifetime of penance across the globe.  In the last two years, Pope Francis has defrocked 384 priests.  And the numbers keep on climbing as more potential victims come forward.

The Catholic Church is an organization that clearly knows what’s going on.They’ve continually covered these cases up.  They’ve done everything to sweep it under the rug. 

To me, that’s almost as bad as committing the crime.The church is supposed to be our model for morality.They’re also supposed to be the bridge between us and our imaginary friend.

Why doesn’t the church get prosecuted under the RICO laws?  Why are those laws only selectively used?  They already get a pass on taxes.  

It’s ridiculous: the government won’t cross the line of church and state when the church is committing crimes.And not just one crime: it’s been reported there were approximately 3,400 of credible cases of child sex abuse within the Catholic Church itself!

Why do they use the term child molestation?  Why don’t they call it what it is: rape.  Why do we take child rape so lightly? 

When it grows of a number of thousands of reported cases, well, guilt is no longer a question.

-Jesse Ventura


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