Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seems primed to win a majority of Super Tuesday's caucuses.  This by no means comes as a surprise to the Governor.  In the race to the White House, it all comes down to the superdelegates.

When it gets to the convention, Hillary Clinton will get the nomination.

The more voters Bernie gets, the better it may be for Hillary in the long run.  He’ll continue to round-up the young voters, and when he secedes the nomination to Clinton, she’ll hope to take those voters with her.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.Sanders isn’t going to win no matter what he does.

It all comes down to the superdelegates.

And these superdelegates are not bound to the voters.  There are over 700 superdelegates in the election and they do not have to adhere to the voting results.  In other words, they’re the gang.

The races have all been close, except for South Carolina.  That goes to show you that the fix is in.  I believe Sanders knows he isn’t going to beat her.  He would have to win by substantial margins in a lot of states to claim a victory.  I don’t see him repeating a New Hampshire win except in his home state of Vermont.  

The fix is in, people, and I believe Bernie Sanders knows it, despite what’s being said out there. He’s a realist, he sees that Hillary’s leading in certain polls, and now she has the superdelegates at her side. How can he possibly win?  He’s 250 delegates behind.  She’s ahead of him.

-Jesse Ventura


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