The Governor takes your questions in another edition of ‘Ask Jesse.’  In this latest, he questions whether a presidential run is even possible at this point in time.

Daniel from Florida asks: Are committees a wiser choice, rather than a one-leader system?

I think you’ve got it wrong.  The best form of government is that of a benevolent dictator.  Because things would get done.  The problem is you have to make sure the dictator’s benevolent.  Dictators have a tendency to go awry.  But if they’re benevolent, and they’re loved by the people, that’s the best form of government.  Everything that needs to get done would get done.  You could apply term limits on your benevolent dictators, nominating a new one every four years or six years or whatever.  Ruling by committee, there wouldn’t be any true head of the government.  You would simply have an executive board, much like Congress.  The problem is right now our board’s too big.535 members, 100 in the Senate and 435 in the House of Representatives. I’m not for this idea.  Seems like we have similar one in place already.
-Jesse Ventura

Eric from Maryland wants to know: Will you run for president?

I still have a little time. The only way for me to get on the ballot is through the Libertarian Party.  That’s the only route I can go, and they’re holding their conventions in May.  I would assume I have until the first of May to make this decision as a result.  If their delegates choose to have me be their candidate for president, they’ll vote for it at that convention and we’ll move forward from there.  But there’s no guarantees.  If I went to the convention, it’s not guaranteed I’m going to be the nominee because Gary Johnson is also in the running.  Realistically, I’m still waiting to see what the Democrats and Republicans will do.  We’re not clear on which direction they’re going yet.  A lot will be decided regarding those two parties within this final week of April.  By the end of next week, we should know whether Trump and Clinton will have enough delegates to win their respective nominations.  Hopefully, we’ll know in two weeks who’s swimming in the water and who hasn’t drowned.
-Jesse Ventura


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