Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries, oil tycoon and conservative backer, stated in an interview with ABC’s “This Week”, that Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton may be a better president than the remaining candidates in the Republican race.

Geez, are they trying to open the door for Bernie Sanders in the end?  You really don’t know what the method is behind the madness.  What’s the motivation for Charles Koch to make this statement?  Does he inevitably see Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States?  Is he, like all wealthy lobbyists, buttering his bread on both sides?  Is he greasing the palm now, so it’s easier later when she’s in office to get what he needs out of her?  Or is he doing this now to try to derail Clinton because he knows that any clear-thinking Democrat or liberal isn’t going to cozy-up to one of the Koch brothers endorsement?

I don’t know.  But let’s face it: Hillary Clinton’s not new to the political scene.  She will continue to pander to the far left to get the nomination.  As soon as she secures it, she will beeline back to the center immediately. The center for her means that it’s okay for her to continue to take money from Wall Street. The center for her means that Wall Street isn’t nearly as bad as it’s painted to be.  This what she feels she has to do.

It’s the same on other side of the aisle: the Republican candidates will continue to pander to the far right.  They will continue to go out on a limb for conservatives until the nomination is secured.  But you’re starting to see Donald Trump work his way back to the middle.  All of a sudden, Trump is stating that transgender people should “use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.”

As for Hillary’s response to Charles Koch’s comment about her (ed. note: see above), it’s a good political move.  But I bet you, on the flip side, if the Koch brothers offered her an opportunity to speak, she’d take it.  

Just as long as the decimal point is in the right place.

-Jesse Ventura


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