President Obama said that the U.S. will send 250 more troops to Syria to "keep up this momentum" against ISIS.  The Wall Street Journal first reported of the deployment, stating that it will include military personnel as well as medical and logistical specialists.

I heard the same thing 50 years ago. It was called Vietnam.  “We’ve got to stop the Viet Cong,” they said.  “We got them on the run,” they cried.

But you’re not fooling Jesse Ventura anymore. I’m 64-years old.  I’m a Vietnam veteran.  The government may fool the rest of the country.  The government may fool the young and the old, but they’re not fooling me.  This is just to escalate the war machine.  This is one more step towards keeping our war economy going. The war in the Middle East will be endless, until someone gets into office that puts an end to it.

Call it what you like: "specialists," "advisors," "personnel," or "counterterrorism efforts."  It all leads to the same end game.  What do people really think they’re doing over there?  Playing checkers? My simple answer is go back and study what "advisors" did in Vietnam.  You’ll get your answer: they will to be involved in combat.  They’re not going to be standing in their green fatigues without carrying a weapon. They’ll be armed, trust me.  In the next press release, the administration will state that any shots fired will be in defensive mode -- “We’ll be shooting in self-defense,” they’ll claim.

Yeah, right.  They might fool some of the people, but they ain’t fooling me anymore.  

It’s Vietnam all over again.  Been there, done that.

-Jesse Ventura


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