Rough week for the Republican establishment.  Trump sweeps Super Tuesday, sticking it to the GOP and essentially securing the nomination.  Struggling 2016 hopefuls Ted Cruz and John Kasich decided to team-up to battle Trump’s winning streak, but that partnership seemed to quickly fizzle out.  Then, in an attempt to gain some positive buzz, Cruz decided he’d pick a VP candidate on former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.  And, unfortunately for Cruz, most media outlets agreed.  The New York Times went as far as equating Cruz’s promotional move to a student pulling a fire alarm in order to avoid an exam.  So where does the establishment go from here?

Donald Trump is right on when he says Cruz and Kasich are desperate.  The whole Cruz-Kasich partnership pretty much sums it up. The entire GOP establishment is desperate. 

Trump is going to get the nomination. It seems inevitable now, unless the GOP pulls some sort of monkey business at the convention. If they do, they will be dead in the water and the party will be destroyed.

I don’t claim to know the Democrats and Republicans, or their strategies, but, to me, if they don’t give the nomination to Trump, then why spend the money on these primaries and caucuses in the first place?

If they decide to go the moderate route and pick Kasich, it makes a total mockery of the entire voting process. A majority of states have already voted in the primary for Donald Trump, which he’s won fair and square.  If the Republicans were to take those votes away from Trump and the people who voted for him, that’s essentially telling the voters, “We don’t care what you think.”

I thought they were supposed to be conservative, especially conservative with their money!  Why spend all this money and then turn their backs on the American voters?  Do they really think Trump’s voters will vote for Kasich or Cruz? No. Instead, they’ll turn to the Democrats or any third-party candidate.

This makes me think.  If, let’s say, the GOP decides to take the nomination away from Trump, would that give me, Jesse Ventura, a platform for presidency?  All those disgruntled voters.  Could I be that alternative for them? I’ve still got time, just a few days.

But if the Republicans decide not to nominate Trump, that’s as bad as you can get in my opinion.  You would probably even see Republican voters crossover.  And it will be an overwhelming victory for the Dems, probably guaranteeing Hillary Clinton the White House.

Trump is the one voters have picked.  This is the process we have. You’ve got to go with what you brought upon yourself.

-Jesse Ventura


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