It's another edition of 'Ask Jesse'!  On the docket for today: would Jesse Ventura consider teaming up with Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein to formulate a 3rd party coalition?  And what would Jesse do if Johnson asked him to be his running mate?  His answer may surprise you.

Gold from California writes: Dear Jesse, I've written to Gary Johnson & Jill Stein to unite with you for a 3rd Party. Thoughts?

I think it's wonderful, but I've tried it in Minnesota.  I brought these 3rd parties together at the Governor's residence, it was like herding cats.  It's extremely difficult because they all have their own agendas, and no one wants to give in to anybody else.  I even found the common ground, which is campaign finance reform.  None of us took the dirty money, so I figured we could build from there.  But that didn't happen.  That was the foundation but nothing got built.

-Jesse Ventura

Ryan from Ohio asks: If Gary Johnson were to win the Libertarian Party nomination and ask you to be his running mate, would you give it serious consideration?

I'd think about it, certainly.  I'd prefer to be on top of the ticket, because I'd get a lot more publicity and could potentially bring the Libertarians to the forefront.  More so than Gary, and that's no offense to Gary.  Let me make that clear.  But if I was to run, I would definitely consider making Gary my VP.  Because I have great admiration for him and I respect him.  He's a guy I'd like on my side one way or another, no doubt about it.  But I think, since they've turned this election into the WWE, who would be better to win then a former wrestler?  I know how to deal in this type of atmosphere better than even Donald Trump. 

-Jesse Ventura


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