The Governor takes a fan to task for calling Bernie Sanders a communist.  That's right, it's another edition of Ask Jesse!  The gloves are off.  No question is off-limits.

Vic from Ohio asks: What do you think about more states having constitutional carry?

That’s a state’s rights issue.  You have the legal right under the Second Amendment to own firearms.  How states conduct their conceal and carry laws is up to each state.  But most states will honor the other states that have them.  If you go into another state but your license is from Minnesota, generally it will be honored in that state as well. I have no problem it because the stipulations are very restrictive in Minnesota. You are not allowed to alcohol if you’re carrying for example, which is more restrictive than driving a car.  To me, all conceal and carry laws should be left up to the individual states.

-Jesse Ventura

James from Missouri wants to know: What are your thoughts about Gary Johnson polling at 11 percent this early in the year?

I think it’s remarkable.  I think if Gary and I were to team up - if I were to attend the Libertarian convention - we would have a good chance at winning.  It’s that simple.  If Johnson is up 11 percent, the revolution is on.  If that’s a legitimate number, it makes it highly competitive.  In a three-way race, the dynamics are completely different.  Just look at the Republican primary: not one candidate is getting over 50 percent.  That’s the difference: when you add that third number to the race, it throws everything off.  If Johnson is succeeding in the polls, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  The revolution can carry on without Bernie.

-Jesse Ventura

Harley from New York asks: For someone who has a great resume as a capitalist and as an American, how the hell can you support a communist like Bernie Sanders?

The idiot that sent this message should understand that Bernie Sanders is not communist.  First thing you should do is go learn what a communist actually is before using the terminology.  A communist is not a socialist - those are two very different doctrines. A communist does not believe in any private ownership.  Now does Bernie Sanders advocate against private ownership in America?  No.  Then, he’s not a communist.  If you’re going to refer to Bernie as a communist, then you’ll need to refer to Franklin D. Roosevelt as one too.  Sanders is no different than FDR. FDR got elected so many times, he’s obviously the most popular president in U.S. history, isn’t he?  And it’s ironic that a “socialist” like FDR took us out of the Great Depression, isn’t it?

Now, I say this tongue in cheek, but, in many ways, it’s unfortunate that we don’t have an intelligence test to vote.  Because you would obviously fail it.  You shouldn’t throw around words like “communist” unless you know what they mean.  And by the way, I don’t endorse Democrats or Republicans.  And Bernie is a Democrat.  I’ll end it with this: if we weren’t involved in these wars in the Middle East, we could pay for everything Bernie’s proposing on the domestic front.  

-Jesse Ventura


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