Jesse Ventura takes a moment to reflect on this unusual presidential race, where two outsiders have inserted themselves and proved popular within the two-party system - showing that the duopoly may be dying a slow death.  

The best the Republicans have now is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Scott Walker gave an overwhelming endorsement of Ted Cruz.  When I heard that, I shook my head, and told myself, “Oh boy.”

The question is: will the GOP undermine Trump and give the nomination to Cruz?

Whoever has the most delegates should get the nomination.  I can’t believe that the Republican party will go against the overwhelming general opinion of the people.  Regardless what the “establishment” of the Republican party feels, if people vote for Trump, then he should receive the nomination.

Remember this: Trump is not really a Republican.  Trump has always been an independent.  He’s paid off both sides, and played the system both ways.  This is why the Republicans are trying to kick him out - they don’t believe he’s truly Republican.

On the Democratic side, you’ve got Hillary Clinton’s superdelegate fix.  Superdelegates allow the Democratic party to pick whoever they want for the nomination.  Clinton’s superdelegates will put her over the top, which in turn, will secure her the nomination.

What angers me about the Democrats is that they seem to believe Hillary Clinton will take on Wall Street.  That’s a folly to believe that.  Her daughter is married to a former Goldman Sachs executive. Hillary takes money from Big Banks. If Bernie supporters jump on board to elect Hillary Clinton, they should think again.  It’s not truly going to be any different than a Republican president. The status quo will continue to be in power. At the moment, Clinton has veered far left in her views, but once she's got that nomination's in the bag, she will veer right back to the center.  She will become a pseudo-Republican/moderate.

And whoever wins on the right is going to veer back to the center as well.

Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump saw that the only way to get into the system is by joining these two political parties.  It’s not brain science.  That’s what they did.  And both have been extremely successful.  Sanders has pushed Clinton right into the superdelegates (you can’t do any better than that!).  And Trump is winning, which is astounding.

Both Sanders and Trump are outsiders, and if you were to combine the two, the outsiders seem to be winning decisively.  That’s the sentiment of the country.

This is the takeaway from this election season: the country wants a change from the status quo.  

-Jesse Ventura


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