And yet, many of them are ready to send your children to war to fight ISIS or instability in Syria.  Are you comfortable with these candidates leading the charge?

Let me ask you this, vigilant readers: are any of the leading presidential candidates veterans?  No?  Isn’t that interesting?

They’re ready to “carpet bomb” ISIS and go to war (except for Bernie).  They’re ready to send our children over there and fight our wars for them, and yet none of them - NONE - have deemed it important enough to risk their own lives and serve for their country.  (If, in my ignorance, someone has been a veteran, I do apologize but they should know better.)

And these are the people who want to be Commander in Chief?  The Commander in Chief should have served in the military. This point alone weighs heavily with me.

This is what’s always bothered me about Dick Cheney.  How on earth could they allow a man with five deferments be our Secretary of Defense?  Shouldn’t the Secretary of Defense have some military background.  The role requires one to be the liaison between our military and the American people.  You should have a basic understanding of both.

I feel the same way about POTUS: this makes a candidate much more desirable, to me at least, as they have that foundation in combat training.  They know war and have experienced it first-hand.  We used to have many presidents that were veterans: John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon to name a few.  But we seem to be getting away from that today.  Bottom line is, you need to know war from both sides of the table, from the serviceman’s perspective, as well as the civilian’s.

-Jesse Ventura 


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