POTUS writes, in an op-ed for the Washington Post, that his much-debated trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, would put American workers first, and help our country lead the charge in global trade against China.  But why has the Obama Administration been so secretive about the terms of the TPP?  Last year, four chapters of the TPP were released by Wikileaks -- Julian Assange even offered a $100,000 bounty to whoever released the remaining chapters.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is global fascism. 

By definition, fascism is when corporations take over government. 

Mussolini would be so proud today.  Can you imagine what he's thinking in his grave?  He must be standing and cheering for this fascist movement.  They're allowing corporations to shape what trade will be throughout the world, rather than allowing any human input.

And why hasn't the public been allowed to see the terms of the TPP? 

If they felt the public was going to agree with it, they would expose it to the public to get their agreement, no?  Which would make it easier to move forward on it.  So obviously the public would oppose it, that’s why they’re keeping it secretive.  You don’t have to be a road scholar or scientist to figure that out. 

Whenever the government doesn’t want you to see something, it’s because they’re involved in some type of hanky-panky.  And they know that you won’t like it.  That’s why you’re not gonna see it. 

The Obama administration says that they’re the most transparent? 

This proves that they’re not the most transparent.

-Jesse Ventura


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