In an interview with NPR’s ‘Morning Edition,’ Sen. Bernie Sanders stated that his campaign will continue until the D.C. primary on June 4th, even if the delegate count doesn’t add up.  “Well we're going to stay in till the last vote is counted,” he told NPR’s Steve Inskeep.  “We think we have a path towards victory — admittedly it is a narrow path, but when I started this campaign we were 60 points behind Secretary Clinton; yesterday here in early May we won in Indiana.   I think we've got some more good victories coming — so we are in this race until the very last vote is cast.”

Bernie Sanders has the finances and the public support to stay in the race.  That’s what politics is about.  I don’t have any problem with it, believe it or not.  I have respect for Sen. Sanders for running the best campaign this election cycle.  For him to stay the course is very commendable.  After all, he still has the convention ahead of him.

Bernie is vying to get his progressive movement a broader platform at the convention.  Democrats are already much more open and accepting of it.  By staying the course 'til the convention, it’s making him look truthful, as he always said he was in it until the end.  And yet, all these other guys on the Republican side said the same thing, and they quit.  Bernie’s already achieved so much for this movement and at least he’s sticking to his word.

Let’s give him credit for that.  He’s always stated he’s going to be there until the last vote is counted.  People need to tip their hats to him as he’s actually doing what he said.  On top of it all, Bernie’s polling better than Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump.  The Democrats should definitely take that into account, but they’re not going to give it much importance.  Hillary’s always been the number one choice for the DemoCRIPS.  Unfortunately, Sen. Sanders hasn’t done enough to disqualify her from that position, so it will be to no avail and Hillary will secure the nomination.

I do agree with Bernie however that independents should be able to select and vote within a particular party’s primary.  I can understand how that cost him votes.  Everyone should be able to vote.  As long as there’s only two major parties, and you don’t affiliate with either, then you should be able to vote for the party you want to, especially since the DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans are the only two with major party status.

But these two parties are gangs.  And if you look at it from the viewpoint of a gang, then I can understand why they don’t want independents voting: we’re not gang members!

-Jesse Ventura


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