Jesse Ventura reflects on the future of the Republican party.  With Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee, and Ted Cruz and John Kasich out of the race, will the GOP as we know it continue to live on?  Plus, the Governor answers a fan question regarding Supreme Court Justices: should they have term limits?

Raphael from Canada asks: Cruz & Kasich have closed up shop, so the New York Daily News has a front page with an illustration of the death of the GOP. What's your opinion?

I think the GOP is on life support in certain aspects, because many Republicans - George HW and George W, Mitt Romney, John McCain included- are stating they’re not going to the convention.  If they’re not running the asylum, then who is? The inmates? If they’re not going, this could be a total Trump takeover of the Republican party. Those that won’t attend could branch off.  Not sure what they’d call themselves, maybe the ‘Ultimate Republicans’ or the ‘Moderate Republicans’?  I’m not sure. I don’t think George W. Bush dares show his face quite yet.  He still gets credit for the Iraq War, which is turning out worse and worse every day.  But the GOP’s current troubles stem from that. 

I don’t feel that strongly about the Republican party’s future, but I certainly hope you’re right.  We got manipulated into a war we didn’t need. I still don’t understand how no one sees the similarities to the Vietnam War.  The Iraq War is the Vietnam War in reverse.  In Vietnam, we sent the advisors in first, then the troops came, then we overthrew the country. With Iraq, we’re doing the exact opposite - we overthrew first!  And yet we’re still trying to “build a nation.”  Nation building never works.  When will we learn that?  Hopefully, if I live 20 more years, we’ll see our third attempt at nation building. It seems to happen every 20 years.  We tried in Vietnam, then we tried in Iraq, failed both, so which country will it be in 20 years?

-Jesse Ventura

Gregory from Georgia wants to know: What do you think about placing term limits on Supreme Court justices?  And should the American voters be allowed to elect Justices instead of Congress?

I do think there should be a mandatory age of retirement.  They certainly don’t let you work for the federal government until you die.  If the supreme court justices can stay there until their last breath, why can’t everyone else?  That’s my point.  They should have a mandatory retirement age for the Justices. Let me use my father as an example.  I love my dad; still, when my dad was in his late 80s, right before he passed away, I wouldn’t want him, at that age, making decisions that affect the entire nation.

And yet, the Supreme Court Justices can stay there until they croak.  This is why I believe a mandatory retirement age is necessary.  Then, the Constitution should be followed, and whoever is freaking President at that time should chose the next Supreme Court Justice.  It still kills me: how come Congress isn’t moving on the President’s nominee for the court?  Because they don’t do their jobs.  They’re not there working for the United States of America.  They’re working for their own agenda.  Thank you Democrats and Republicans.  Such a fine example you set.  Let the children who look up to you see how a government’s NOT supposed to be run.

-Jesse Ventura


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