Is 2016 the year that we start seeing cracks in the two-party duopoly?  Are the Democratic and Republican parties on the verge of collapse?  With the Bush patriarchy sitting out the GOP-convention, and Bernie Sanders’ political revolution taking control on the Democratic side, it seems we could very well see the birth of new parties following this year’s election.  Jesse Ventura sounds off.

Mitt Romney, John McCain, the Bush dynasty -- at this moment, none of them are attending the convention. House Speaker Paul Ryan even said he’d relinquish his position as Chairman of the Republican Convention if Donald Trump were to ask him.

We’ll see if they are all men of their word. If they don’t throw their support behind Trump, you could very well see a third party in the near future.

If the Republicans split down the middle, and the status-quo Republicans go one way and Trump supporters another, it will be an interesting time for those part of the status-quo. There’s potential to see three, even four, new parties within the Republican platform.

On the other side of the fence, Democrats aren’t exactly united either.  I’ve heard a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters stating they’re not voting for Hillary Clinton.  Public opinion of Clinton, much like Trump, seems to be working against her. Some people think she’s phony.  If Bernie’s far-left progressive movement continues on this path, it could sever the Democrats as well.  We could end up with a four or five-party system.  What do you think, vigilant fans?  Personally, I think it’d be wonderful to try this out for awhile.

We’ve been working with a two-party duopoly for 150 years now.  It doesn’t seem to be doing us any good at this point.  So why not try a four-party system?  This could be good and work in our favor.  Let’s try it out for a decade or two.  See how it goes, what the hell.

If it’s disastrous, we can always go back.

And if it’s really disastrous, we could go back to one party: I could be your benevolent dictator and everything will be great. 

-Jesse Ventura 


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