Donald Trump Does His First Podcast EVER!

Larry and Shawn King want to know what sets “The Donald” apart from other politicians, asking him about Immigration, National Security, Hillary Clinton, and Super PACs … and what about Omarosa for his VP?


LOS ANGELES – Republican lawmakers may have spent over eight hours vigorously questioning Hillary Rodham Clinton in Washington on Thursday constructing a case that the former secretary of state had been underhanded in her duty to secure the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, during the months before the 2012 terrorist attacks.  However, on the same day, an equally important interview (ok, close second) was taking place with one prominent man who may eventually end up as the biggest challenge facing Ms. Clinton… Donald Trump.  The Republican front-runner made time to do his first podcast EVER, chatting with long-time friends, Larry and Shawn King, on their show, “Back and Forth”. 

It starts with warm greetings all the way around, Larry even puts on a playful, nasally voice when he says, “Hello, Donald!”   It quickly becomes clear that these people know each other well outside the typical entertainment personas and political agendas that so often drive interviews elsewhere. Where would that take this conversation, and what would “The Donald” say next??!

For starters, he supports Biden’s decision not to run, saying he doubts he would have done very well.  He talks about the Great Wall of China, and dealing with immigration with “heart”, while still remaining “a nation of laws”.

Larry gives his view on what Trump should do with the creation of a border wall, prefaced by Shawn telling Trump “Brace yourself…”

They discuss the September 11th attacks, and national security, which leads to Trump to saying, “Iran is going to take over Iraq”…!

Then it’s onward to Hillary Clinton, and the Benghazi hearings.Trump jabs, saying, “she's not looking like she's doing a very good job…” 

Shawn appeals to the compassionate nature few see with Donald Trump, telling some heartfelt, personal stories, and asking why he doesn’t show that side more often.  Donald cracks some jokes, but ultimately says, “I think its really about competence now. I think that this country has been so poorly run, and has so many problems.”

They talk free college tuition, Super PACs, and what he thinks sets him apart from other politicians.  Hint: It’s about results.

Maybe most important, how would he feel about former Apprentice contestant, Omarosa, as his Vice President?

It's engaging, humorous, personal, and informative.  Take a moment to listen to the full conversation by tuning in to : Podcast One or read the transcript of the interview below:


TRUMP: Hello Larry.

LARRY:  Hello Donald.

SHAWN:  Hi Donald!

TRUMP:  Hi Shawn, how you doing?

SHAWN:  Great how are you?

LARRY:  Thank you for doing this, Don.

TRUMP:  Absolutely.

LARRY:  Don.

TRUMP:  Yes?

LARRY:  We've been friends a long time.

TRUMP:  A long time.

LARRY:  What do you make of all of this? In your heart what do you make of all of this?

TRUMP:  Well, it's been an amazing thing.I did this, and a lot of people said I would never do it.  And then I did it, and you know they are celebrating now 100 days at the absolute top of the polls.  So you know people want to see our country be great again and they'll see that.  So we'll see what happens now we're going and we're doing well. I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow; I'm leaving for another location on Sunday.  I go from place to place make speeches in front of massive crowds and we're having a lot of fun.  But we're going to make our country great again, that's what it's all about.

SHAWN:  Donald are you at all surprised by anything in running for office?

TRUMP:  Well A few things are really a pleasantly surprised in many ways.  Number one, I didn't know this would happen as quickly...where we'd go up this quickly.  Where the crowds would be so large or the polls would be so good.  And something I'm really impressed with is that I really think the public gets it, they're really smart.  And, you know I think Larry's known that for a long time, he did his show and he understood it.  I was on his show so many times, and there was maybe you're the one that uh, really, you had a lot to do with it. Because honestly Larry the show was nothing like what you did and it was such an important show and I was on so many times. It really had a big impact, I think on what I'm doing right now.  But I, the people are, really the public get it they are really smart.

LARRY:  Alright, you've gotten into lots of problems with some of the things.  I'll ask you a from the heart question. Ok, Donald?  A heart question.

TRUMP: Go 'head.

LARRY:  Supposing a guy came over to you and he said, "I was an illegal immigrant 20 years ago. I took a job picking something in the fields in California.  And now I'm the foreman there, I've got two children.  One is a high school athlete.  Another, my daughter is into gymnastics.  I been here illegally for 20 - 15 - 20 years.  You want me to go back?

TRUMP:  Yeah, well, I don't want to comment on that one right now, Larry.  Because that's the sort of a question where I just don't want to answer it right now.  But, we do have to have, you know we are a country of laws, and we do have to have laws for the border.  The border is so porous.  And you know what's coming over; we're having tremendous problems.  We're having problems with illegal immigrants.  And when I initially said it, it met with a lot of, A LOT OF tremendous, I call it "incoming".  You know the press, incoming.  Like big league, and then they found out I was right, and you had Kate in San Francisco, and you had so many others, I mean the crime is incredible, the drug trafficking is unbelievable, and I have to tell you, I've been told by many of your liberal friends at the top of the line, in Los Angeles as an example, that they're voting for me because they can't take it anymore.  You see what's happened with LA, you see what's happened with so many different places and you know I have great relationships with Mexico and with the Mexican people.  I have great relationships with Hispanics; I'm winning a lot of polls like in Nevada.  I just won the poll, big league with the Hispanics.  But we have to have... we have to be a nation of laws...

LARRY:  So why can't you say, deport them all?

TRUMP:  I just don't want to get into your specific question, but I can tell you that we will do something that will be done with heart, but it'll be done properly.  And that's the way it's going to be.  We have to do it, we have no choice.  And we have to create a border, and we have to build a wall.  But we are going to create a border, we're going to build a wall, and it will be done properly.

LARRY:  Donald I got an idea for the wall.

SHAWN:  He's been talking about this for a while, Donald.  So brace yourself.

LARRY:  Donald, you make the whole wall, a Trump wall.

(LAUGHTER from Trump)

LARRY:  You have a casino, you have acts...

TRUMP:  Yeah...

LARRY:  Think about it, Donald.A Trump wall...

TRUMP:  I don't know if you've seen the walls we have right now at the border, you can step over them.  They are not exactly very effective, for the greatest, but we will know it's very interesting, and Shawn, you'll get a kick out of this because, uh, 2000 years ago they built the, in China, you know, you know the wall I'm talking about.

SHAWN/ LARRY: Of course, the great wall.

TRUMP:  The Great Wall of China.  This is a serious wall.  Do you agree with that?

SHAWN:  Absolutely.

TRUMP:  This a very serious wall.  That was built 2000 years ago and its 13,000 miles long.  We really need, it's 2000 miles here, but it's really you need about 1000 miles of wall.  And they say oh you would never be able to do it.  Well they could do it 2000 years ago bigger and better and stronger than anybody.  And yet we can't do it now.  So easy to do, but it'll be very...

LARRY:  What do you make of that?

TRUMP:  What do I make of it?  Well, I think it's ridiculous.  But it'll be so easy to do, and it'll be very effective.  Believe me, very effective.

LARRY:  Shawny..

SHAWN:  Thanks, Lar. Donald, you seem to be getting a lot of really nice compliments from some interesting places, The Atlantic just came out with an article saying how right you were about the 9/11 preparations and even some 9/11 truthers are saying you are a bit of a hero for bringing this issue up.  Where do you fall on all of this?

TRUMP:  Well, you know, Jeb Bush came up, and he said "We were safe under my brother". And I'm saying to myself, "Oh, we were?  Well, what about the World Trade Center?"   Then you could also say, if you wanted to take it a step further, what about the fact that we went into Iraq under, you know, false information.  They said "weapons of mass destruction" and lost thousands and thousands of lives over there and you know all of the other things.  You could even go into the hurricane, if you look at hurricane Sandy, if you look at the different things that happened that were not handled well with regard to government.  But if you just keep it there where he said we were safe, well we weren't safe.  Because we had the greatest tragedy, the greatest attack in the history of our country.  So when I brought that up... it's a little bit like the paper clip, you know it was so simple and somebody made a lot of money from it.  They came up.  When I brought this up everybody said you know we never thought of that because, here we're giving him credit for after that.  Now if you really go after the attack, September 11th, then you can really get into why did we go to Iraq and why did we spend so much in so many lives and Iraq and look what happened, we have nothing.  Right now we have nothing except Iran is going to take over Iraq.  And you know that you see that happening on a daily basis, and they're taking over the oil and the reserves, among the biggest reserves in the world.  So there were a lot of mistakes made and I didn't mean anything, I didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings, like I did with Jeb, but when he says how safe we were, I say you better refer back to September 11th because that doesn't look safe to me.

SHAWN:  So do you believe the 9/11 report to be a hundred percent true?

TRUMP:  Well, I think that there were know I wrote a book in 2000, and in the book, one of the comment---you know Joe Scarborough from Morning Joe, he's a great guy, and he's reading a passage from the book, and I talk about Osama Bin Laden.  The book was written 3 years before the World Trade Center came down.  And I said, Osama Bin Laden, because he was a big terrorist at the time, and people were talking about him.  And we never took him out, and he ultimately knocked down the World Trade Center.  Joe Scarborough said, "Wo, wo, what have we here?  This is amazing.  He's talking about Osama Bin Laden before the World Trade Center came down".  So if I knew about him, why didn't government know about him?  And government did know about him.  You know, I'm not blaming anybody, I'm just saying that government knew that we had a lot of problems, they knew there was going to be an attack and they didn't do a very good job.  That's without blame, but they didn't do a very good job.

LARRY: Two-part question, Donald.What do you think of Joe Biden not running?  And Hillary's testimony today at this on going Benghazi committee now entering it's third year?

TRUMP:  Well I think Biden did the right thing, I don't think he would have done well.  I don't think he would have actually gotten the nomination, and I think he did the right thing, and he can now relax and enjoy his life and do whatever he has to do. As far as Hillary, I'm not seeing it because I'm working very diligently in my office but I watched the first 10 minutes, and she's not looking like she's doing a very good job, I will say.  And I'm hearing reports that it's not a pretty picture what's going on.  I'm looking forward to actually to getting up and seeing it.But, I'm hearing reports that it's not good for her.

SHAWN:  Donald, on a personal note, you were really there for me and Larry during not such a good time in our marriage.

TRUMP: That's true, okay..

SHAWN: Yeah, you were, but, I know a different Donald. There's a very compassionate side to you, why aren't you showing more of that?I see a little bit more of that now, but I wish the world saw what I, the Donald that I know..

TRUMP: But maybe I wouldn't be doing as well in the polls.


TRUMP:  I'd probably be, cause you know we're leading now every national poll almost every poll we're leading.

LARRY:  So you don't want to be known as a nice guy?

TRUMP:  Well, I do, it's important.  I think I am a nice guy.  I love people, and you know, love you guys, you're fantastic, and I always have been.  But, I think its really about competence now. I think that this country has been so poorly run, and so many problems.  You know we owe 19 Trillion dollars, we just, 19 Trillion, can you imagine that? We just made a deal with Iran that is so bad, it's so horrible, and just on it's face, one of the, there's no reason for having made a deal like that.  You could have made a great deal instead of a horrible deal.  And so many other things. And I think that competence is going to play a very important roll in this election.

LARRY:  When I had a little heart procedure you took us out to dinner the night took my wife to dinner when I was in the hospital, Donald, and I just learned that today..

TRUMP: Well, that's a trust thing, yeah. But uh, what you have, you have a wonderful wife, and you have a great family, you have a great family, Larry.  Always have had.

LARRY:  Remember we were fathers of the year together, remember that?

TRUMP:  Yeah.I do.  It's great that your relationship is so good, and I'm proud of both of you actually.

LARRY:  We have some listener questions.  First one:What do you think of Hillary Clinton and Senator Sanders idea for free college tuition?

TRUMP:  Well, you know, there's nothing free, what's gonna have to happen is taxes are going to have to be increased tremendously for everybody else.  So it's a very tough thing.  It would be wonderful to say let's do that, but taxes will be raised very tremendously. Again, we're losing a tremendous amount of money as a country with trade.  We're losing tremendous amounts with trade.  You know China, we have an imbalance of 350 Billion dollars a year, and Japan is 70 Billion dollars a year. At some point, somebody's going to have to pay the piper and I think you know it's wonderful to say.  I know they don't mean it.  They may, I think Sanders may mean it, but Hillary doesn't mean it.  Because ultimately it means a big tax increase for everybody else.

SHAWN:  @MarcDew Asks, what about Omarosa for VP?

TRUMP:  Aw, you know what? I always thought she was great.  She was, you know on Apprentice number one, we went to the number one show, and it was an amazing experience. And as you know, they renewed me again for season 14 after 12 years, season 14.  But I couldn't do it because running for President, you're not allowed to have a show when you're running for President.  So it's one of those things, I couldn't do it. I might have done it, too. If I could have found the time.  It was a great success, The Apprentice, so we're very happy with it.

SHAWN:  Absolutely.Speaking of that though, are you going to be able to pay attention to your business if you do win the election?  How's that going to work?

TRUMP:  No, I wouldn't be paying attention to it. I'd be paying attention to the business of the country. I wouldn't do that.  But, my kids are very capable, and I have very good executives, and they can run it.  It's a great business, and they'll be able to run it.I think they'll run it very nicely.

LARRY:  Couple of quick more things, HJWonder@JeanHalls asks, you paid money to get politicians to do what you wanted in the past, would you change that system?

TRUMP:  Well, it's not a great system.  This whole super PAC system is a terrible system.

LARRY:  Yeah.  Oh.

TRUMP:  It's ridiculous.  People have no control over it. It's a system that just doesn't work, I mean it just doesn't work.  And frankly, every politician should disavow their Super PACs, because it is a system that is horrible.  Now there are systems that can be much better.  The best system is just to have, where you can see what's going on and who's contributing, etcetera, etcetera.  But it's, the Super PAC system is a ridiculous system in my opinion.

LARRY:  The last question will be from Shawn King before we bid you adieu.

SHAWN:  What quality do you think, you have, that sets you apart from traditional politicians.

TRUMP:  Well, I get things done. I do get things done, and I have a good vision for the future. Like even naming Osama Bin Laden in a book three years before that tragic event, but I have a vision for things that seems to be good.  And if you don't have the vision, it's not gonna matter, so you have to have a lot of different qualities.  But I do get things done.I hopefully do the right thing, and then get it done. A lot of people don't. They have, even if they have good ideas, they have good ideas, but nothing ever happens.

LARRY:  Are you a little nervous?  Supposing you get the nomination.  The nomination.  And you're running, you look at that White House, are you a little... a little trepidation, a little nervous?

SHAWN:  And is Melania going to re-do the entire thing?

TRUMP:  No, I don't think so.  You know, it's a very interesting question because you sort of realize you're on a very large stage, Larry.  And I was on a big stage before, but this is crazy.This is so much bigger.  You know you do one, one story turns into 5 or 600 stories, even thousands of stories.  The same thing.And written by thousands of different people. You know it used to be you'd have 3 networks and you'd have a couple of newspapers, today it's thousands and thousands of people.  It's a very big thing, and it's an important thing, but you know my theme is "Make America Great Again", and that's what we're going to do.  And you've been watching me do that for a long time with regard to other things, that's what we're going to do.

LARRY:  So you don't have any trepidation, any nerves, any look at what this is, what could happen to you?

TRUMP:  Well, I know how big it is, and I know how important it is, but I don't really think about it.  I just think about getting the job done, and then doing a good job if I get it.

LARRY:  Trump, Mr. Trump, Donald, thank you for doing this.  You've done a podcast, now you've done everything.

TRUMP:  I've done it all.  Now that I've done it with you it's like old times, I love it.  And I hear great things about your podcast by the way, so that's good.  But it's great being with both of you.

SHAWN:  Thanks, Donald.

LARRY:  Thanks, Donald.

SHAWN:  And give our best to Melania and the whole family!

TRUMP:  I will, thanks Shawn, you take care of yourself.

SHAWN:  You too, bye!

And if you missed Trump on PoliticKing with Larry King back in 2013, click below to watch:


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