Lindsay Graham Drops Out of Presidential Race

After a long struggle with low poll numbers, Senator Lindsey Graham bows out.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has suspended his presidential campaign as of Monday. Graham has struggled with poll numbers throughout his campaign often failing to poll in the single digits. In a video and email on Monday, he addressed his supporters announcing his withdrawal.

“This has been a problem solver’s campaign,” he said “however the centerpiece of my campaign has been securing our nation. I got into this race to put forward a plan to win a war we cannot afford to lose, and to turn back the tide of isolationism that was rising in our party.”

Throughout his campaign, Graham has argued for more troops on the ground in the Middle East to combat ISIS. Of all the GOP candidates, Graham is the only one with experience in the armed service. He is currently serving his third term in the US Senate.

His campaign was marred by road blocks and oddities. The incident at the beginning of Graham’s campaign when Donald Trump gave out his phone number publicly, caused a series of catty exchanges which proved only to improve Trump’s poll number.

In an interview with DailyMail online, Graham suggested he could have a rotating first lady. "I've got a lot of friends” he said, “we'll have a rotating first lady." The comment circulated for a day or two, but was soon forgotten about.

Graham is notoriously hawkish on issues of Foreign Policy and national security. He came on PolitcKING following the Paris attacks to discuss his plan to destroy ISIS. “When it comes to being Commander-In-Chief, experience will matter” he said. “I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan 35 times in the last decade. I’ve really been busting my butt to try to understand this war.”

In his farewell video released on Tuesday Graham spoke about the broader scope in our fight against terror saying, “This is a generational struggle that demands a strategy and the will to win.” Although he is no longer running for president, Graham claims that he is not done fighting for what he believes in. “I am suspending my campaign but never my commitment to achieving security through strength for the American people.”

-Bronte Price

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