Tonight on PoliticKING: Bill Bradley and Juan Felipe Herrera

Former three-term Democratic U.S. Senator from New Jersey, Bill Bradley speaks with Larry King.Then:The NEW 2015 U.S Poet Laureate sits down with the KING to talk art, immigration, and the written word.

Bill Bradley is an American Hall of Fame basketball player, Rhodes scholar, and former three-term Democratic U.S. Senator from New Jersey. He ran for the Democratic Party's nomination for President in the 2000 election.

Politics was a frequent subject of discussion in the Bradley household, and some of his relatives held local and county political offices. He majored in history at Princeton, and was present in the Senate chamber when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed.

Watch as Bradley tells Larry King that Sen. Bernie Sanders' surge in popularity "speaks to the thirst on the part of Democratic constituency for someone to stand up and talk in a very direct way," instead of using focus groups phrases.

Following Bill Bradley, Larry King sits down with America's first Latino Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera.  

Herrera is the son of migrant farm workers.  He was educated at UCLA and Stanford University, and he earned his MFA from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His numerous poetry collections include187 Reasons Mexicanos Can’t Cross the Border: Undocuments 1971-2007,Half of the World in Light: New and Selected Poems(2008), and Border-Crosser with a Lamborghini Dream (1999). In addition to publishing more than a dozen collections of poetry, Herrera has written short stories, young adult novels, and children’s literature. In 2015 he was named U.S. poet laureate.

Herrera with Larry King at Ora Tv Studios, Glendale 7/15/15

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