Ben Carson Staffer Dies In Car Accident

25 year-old Braden Joplin died on Tuesday after the campaign van he was riding in was involved in an icy highway collision.

Dr. Ben Carson temporarily suspended his presidential campaign on Tuesday after a 25 year-old staffer for his campaign died in a car accident. Three other campaign volunteers were also injured in the accident, but have all been released from the hospital.

"Braden Joplin died following an auto accident on slick roads near Atlantic, Iowa," Ben Carson’s campaign reported in a statement. "Three other passengers in the van were treated and released from a hospital in Atlantic, but Joplin's injuries were severe, and he was brought to Nebraska Medical Center's trauma center in critical condition for treatment."

Carson said on Facebook that he will return to the campaign trail on Thursday. “With a heavy heart, I will resume my campaign tomorrow. I do so filled with the inspiration of Braden's life story. He poured his heart into this campaign knowing this election is about something bigger than ourselves – it's about returning this country back into the hands of We the People and He who guides our path.” he said.

Carson spoke with Fox News about knowing Joplin. "This young man was just amazing," he said. "I was fortunate enough to get to know him, and he was so incredibly compassionate. He cared about how other people felt. He would really go out of his way to make sure that everybody was feeling OK, and I just think if everybody acted like him, we'd have a lot fewer problems in our country."

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