Wildest Wishes Come True for Death Wish Coffee Co.

One lucky coffee company named "Death Wish" just won a Super Bowl commercial to be featured alongside all the big names at this years game...

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     If you haven’t heard about Death Wish Coffee, you may not be alone.  Just sit tight though; millions upon millions of people are about to find out what this small business is offering in just under two weeks time. The startup coffee brand scored a life-changing touchdown by winning a free 30-second commercial which will air during the third quarter of the biggest, most watched sporting event of the year, Super Bowl 50 (airing on CBS, February 7.)  It comes as a welcome surprise for a business that's only four years old.

"Winning this commercial is beyond our wildest dreams,"  said Mike Brown, owner of Death Wish Coffee.  "It's amazing to think that our 11-employee company will be on the same stage as the brands we've always admired."

Brown, who wanted to make a strong, highly-caffeinated brew of his own, reportedly founded Death Wish in 2012.  The coffee, sporting its black bag, skull and bones label, and loads of caffeine, is sold only in a handful of stores and online.  The Round Lake, New York, company beat out more than 15,000 other small businesses in voting by the public and by Intuit employees.

What’s even more staggering than winning is that the cost for a 30-second ad slot during Super Bowl 50 has grown to $5 million, according to the broadcaster of the big game, CBS.

Fortune.com reports that's an 11% increase on the highest price from last year's broadcaster, NBC. NBC charged as much as $4.5 million for an ad during the most recent Super Bowl.

The last time CBS aired the Super Bowl, which was three years ago, the average 30-second spot cost $3.8 million.  Last year Death Wish Coffee reportedly logged $3 million in revenue, so this little ad spot comes as quite a value for the company.

Brown said he was inspired to create an ultra-strong dark roast blend simply because there was demand.

"I've had a coffee shop for years and my customers were always asking for stronger coffee," he said.  "An average cup of coffee has 217 mg of caffeine.  Ours is double that," said Brown.

As for the ad itself, Brown suggested it is going to be like a movie trailer.

"It will shock everyone that it's an ad about a small business," he said.

-Brandon Davis, PoliticKING with Larry King

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