Stephen Colbert And Margaret Cho Poke Fun At Jeb!

Jeb Bush is in the spotlight after his campaign let the trademark for its logo lapse. Here's what two comedians have to say about it. 

Stephen Colbert made headlines recently suggesting new logo ideas for the Jeb Bush campaign. Jeb created a shadow corporation to trademark the logo “Jeb!” at the beginning of his campaign. He no longer has the rights to the logo however because his campaign let the trademark lapse in November. In his first episode back to the Late Night Show after the holidays, Colbert suggested some replacement punctuation for Jeb’s logo. “This is the most interesting development to ever come out of Jeb Bush’s campaign” he said. He joked that the lapsed trademark is an opportunity to explore new punctuation based emotions for Jeb’s campaign. “Maybe a semicolon,” he said, “It works because you know it’s smart but you’re not sure what it does or where it belongs.” Jeb was on Colbert’s show earlier in 2015 and explained the choice to use an exclamation point, saying plainly, “It connotes excitement.”

A YouTube video of the clip titled, “Is This The End Of Jeb!?” is circling the internet.  The Jeb Bush campaign has been underwhelming for many of his supporters and funders. Although he has raised more money than most of his competitors, and is the son and brother of two former U.S. presidents, Jeb has been unable to effectively connect with voters. Floundering in the polls, Jeb is currently polling at about 3.3%, compared to Donald Trump’s 35.3%.

Margaret Cho came on PolitcKING earlier in 2015 to talk about her political views with Larry. She sounded off on her opinion of some of the presidential candidates including Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. She immediately took to critiquing Jeb’s logo likening it to “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” In keeping with her personality, hilarity ensued. You can watch the clip below:

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